At heart: A theatre company. 

Technically speaking, a theatre society.  


Its mission:

To give new voice to old works.  

And fashion works of its own.


Sganarelle, a drunk and violent woodcutter, is duped by his long-suffering into posing as a doctor. But the trick backfires, and as the aristocracy line up to seek his services it dawns on Sganarelle that playing a doctor is a lot easier than chopping trees...

Stardom Scuff invite you to our scintillating staging of: 'The Reluctant Doctor'. This dark and dastardly comic satire by Moliere features something for everyone, except perhaps parrots.


The London Previews

14th August - Union Concert Hall, 2nd Floor, Union Building, Imperial College London

15th August - Activity spaces 1 and 2, 1st Floor, Union Building, Imperial College London

Tickets are £5 on the door, £4 concessions

Time: 19.30


The Edinburgh Fringe Shows

Location: Quaker Meeting House

Time: 14:30

Dates: Monday 19th August - Saturday 24th

Tickets £7, £5 concessions


The Cast

The Cast

Frank Machin - Sganarelle

Frank is just about to start a PhD right here in Edinburgh, after studying in London for the last 3 years. His previous acting experience will fit neatly onto one side of A4, with a large font and a very liberal use of the return key. Frank really hopes that you enjoy the show and remember that what happens at the Fringe, stays at the Fringe.

Tiberiu Chis

Tib Chis is your typical student at Imperial College London. Having completed a 4-year MSci Joint Mathematics and Computing degree in 2011, he is currently studying for a PhD in Computing Research. Naturally, Tib spiced up his student life by joining Imperial's Dramatic Society, acting in many productions over the years. Notable performances this year have been as Dromio of Syracuse in Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" and as Han Solo in the Star Wars spoof, "Andromedan Nights." His hobbies include repeated viewings of the Human Centipede films and working part-time for a hedge fund. Ergo, the role of Lucas in "The Reluctant Doctor" came second nature to him.

Madeleine Maxwell

Madeleine is currently studying Biomedical Science at Imperial. Treading the boards has always been her passion. One curiosity that has been constant throughout her theatrical career has been one of gender bending. Having first appeared on stage as Joseph in the nativity play, going on to play a cross-dressing twin in the Twelfth Night, the leading role in Oliver Twist, and now Leandre, the earnest lover, she is feeling at best androgynous, at worst misunderstood. But she welcomes the challenge with open arms. She is delighted to be performing in such a timeless piece as Moliere’s the Reluctant Doctor and hopes this performance leaves you feeling thoroughly entertained and slightly confused.

Lucy Luo

Hello, my name is Lucy. I was born in China, grew up in South Africa and now live in the UK. I am studying Biochemistry at Imperial College London and will be going onto my 3rd and last year. I have always loved performing so was often involved in drama at school and I also did GCSE Drama. In my first year at uni, I was part of the ensemble in the production “Of Dice and Men” by DramSoc. Martine has been my biggest role yet; it has been both challenging and fun to portray her and I have enjoyed working with the talented cast. Recently, I have joined an extras casting agency and have been a background artist in a Sky Sports and Zoopla advert. Thank you kindly for supporting our show. We really do appreciate it!

Karl M. Smith

Karl has long cherished dreams of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe.  However, he never expected acting to be his route towards bestriding the stage at the world's premier arts festival. Karl has primarily directed his excess energy towards acquiring some degree of competency at affecting to play a range of instruments: notably, strung ones.  Not to mention singing.  He approached our glorious director with the aspiration of embellishing the play's sonic aspects.  However, he somehow found himself cast, against type, in the role of Valere. This play constitutes Karl's provincial, national and international acting debut. Together with the rest of the company, Karl marks this moment with communal pride.  He hopes you will be understanding. Upstanding would be better.

John Calvin

Hey there, I'm john, I'm an amateur actor and writer, an aspiring filmmaker,  want to be a singer and an entrepreneur and I'm dreaming of becoming good in all of the above. The thought of my ideas manifesting and becoming a reality literally turns me on. As far as acting experience goes, so far I've acted as a business man/jogger, a parody version of obi wan kanobi, a servant in a Shakespeare play (impressive right ?), and now I'm acting as a rich snobby father whose not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. I'm happy to be acting along with such talented actors and a good director, I feel very fortunate and thankful for this opportunity. Now, sit back, and let us enterain you :-) .

Victoria Hamblen

Victoria recently graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies with a BA hons in Chinese (Mandarin) and Politics. Alongside her hopes for world domination, she is also looking to pursue her passion in performing arts. She has been acting, singing and dancing since the age of 3, and cannot get enough of it. This is her first play with Imperial, and first Edinburgh Fringe Festival experience in fact! She has thoroughly enjoyed working with these people, and having fun with her part as Jacqueline in the play, and hopes that this will be the first of many shows that she'll do in the Edinburgh Fringe!

Danika Hayman

Danika is a postdoc researcher in bioengineering at Imperial College. She is originally from a little town in Texas, called Deer Park where, of course, there aren’t any deer. She studied in Texas and moved to the UK when the opportunity presented itself. Recently she has taken up acting again and was fortunate enough to land a role in this wonderful production of The Reluctant Doctor.

the crew

the crew

Director/Producer      Simon Parker

Assistant Producer    Lindsay Todman

Publicity                   Mike Simpson and Ana Mijic

Props                       Christina Bakopoulou

Costumes                 Madeleine Maxwell

Website                    Karl Smith

Finance                    Susana Almeida